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As a general rule halters and hacks will fit the following breeds:

MINIATURE/FOAL: miniatures under 34", Falabella

PONY/WEANLING: Fell pony, Highland pony, Icelandic, New Forest pony, Shetland, Welsh, Cob

ARAB: 13 hand petite Egyptian Arabs with a tea-cup nose, quarter horse-size yearlings.
If your horse's nose is larger than your fist, a REGULAR halter is recommended.
NOTE: The circumference of the nose piece is approx. 19".

REGULAR: (generally horses 14-15 hands) Quarter horse, Thoroughbred, paint, Australian stock horse,
Paso Fino, mustang, Lusitano, Saddlebred, MOST ARABS (includes Polish and Russian Arabs)

WARMBLOOD: (generally horses 16-18 hands) Trakehner, Dutch Warmblood, Selle Francais,
Friesian, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburg, Irish Draught, Lipizzan, warmblood crosses (except draft)

DRAFT: Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdale, Shire (or very large-headed horses)

Horseman's Halter and Natural Hackamore Sizes

  • Mini/Foal (available as halter only)
  • Pony/Weanling/Yearling
  • Arabian (Horses 12-14hh)
  • Regular (Horses 14-15hh)
  • Warmblood (Horses 16-18hh)
  • Draft (Very large headed horses)

If you have any questions regarding halter/hackamore sizing, please contact for sizing advice.


Travel MugHorseman's Halter

The natural Horseman' Halter is soft in order to feel comfortable to the horse when he yields from pressure, while its unique design encourages the horse not to lean on it.

Halter Sizes: Mini/Foal, Pony/Weanling, Arabian, Regular, Warmblood, Draft Halter
Colours: Black, Blue, Green, Red (Black not available in Regular size)

Regular Price $26.95

Halter Size:
Halter Colour:

Parelli Key ChainsNatural Hackmore

The Natural Hackmore helps teach the horse to follow a feel before the bit is introduced or reintroduced, so he is ready to respond willingly and with understanding. It promotes instant release when the horse yields to your suggestion. Pat prefers the Natural Hackmore over any of the expensive braided bosals hanging in his tack room because it's softer on the horse. Comes with a continuous looped 9-foot rein extending into a 12-foot lead.

Hackamore Sizes: Mini/Foal, Pony/Weanling, Arabian, Regular, Warmblood, Draft Halter
Colours: Blue, Green, Red

Regular Price $66.95

Hackamore Size:
Hackamore Colour:
Rein Colour: