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Larry Stewart

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Larry Stewart
Former 4-Star Premier Parelli Instructor

Senior Approved Young Horse Trainer
Group Lessons, Full Day Workshops, Courses, Clinics, Camps, Colt Starting, Difficult Horses

Armstrong, BC
Phone: (250) 546-3724

Larry with the horsesAs a child growing up on a mixed farm in northern British Columbia, horses were always a part of my life. At the age of 18, I took advantage of an opportunity to guide for my uncle who operated a guiding and hunting outfit. Little did I know how this experience would affect the rest of my life. Horses were the only means of transportation and sometimes this entailed swimming wide, fast-moving rivers and crossing miles of floating muskeg. We had lots of horses to choose from as these horses were raised right there in the mountains. Of course, they also had to be ‘broke’. At that time breaking horses was what we did, which also could be said about shoeing them if the horses did not cooperate. Very seldom did I hear or see someone consider how the horse felt. In my heart I knew there had to be a better way, but didn’t know how or what else to do.

Larry & Reggie
Larry & Reggie

Larry & Reggie

I decided the best way to learn about a lot of different horses and how to handle them was to become a farrier and horse trainer. So, I enrolled in farrier school. After ten years had gone by, and a barn full of gimmicks to make the horses ‘listen’ to me, I started to realize that maybe some of the problems I was encountering were not the horses. When I started looking at it from the horse’s point of view, the results started showing up. I knew I must have been doing something right when the horses started greeting me at the gate, rather than taking off to the other end of the corral.

During this time, I even tried my hand at rodeo, competing mostly in bull dogging and bareback. It didn’t take me long before I realized this was very hazardous to my health, and I decided to just stick to shoeing and training horses.

In 1981, I moved to Armstrong, B.C. where I continued shoeing and training. Being a farrier has an added bonus of meeting lots of people, especially people with ‘problem horses. So, it wasn’t hard to get horses to train. It took another twelve years of training other people’s horses before my wife, Leslie, and I decided the problem was the people, not the horses. They say when one door closes, another one usually opens. It was that same year in 1993 that Parelli Natural Horse.Man.Ship was introduced to us resulting in hosting the first clinic in Canada with Pat in Armstrong, B.C. It took us another year and a trip down to a Horseman’s Rendezvous Pat was putting on in California before we were 100% convinced of the program and wanting to learn more. The answers to those questions I had been asking for so many years were getting clearer. Here was a program that allowed me to dissect each maneuver and in Pat’s words ‘isolate, separate, and recombine’. The missing pieces of the puzzle started fitting together.

We were looking for more PNH Information when a Level 2 clinic, the first Area Coordinator training camp and instructor camp was being offered in Delta, Utah in 1995. Leslie and I jumped at the opportunity. That year we started PNH Canada, the Canadian Agency, and I completed the qualifications to start teaching the program. After completing Level 3 in 1997, I became a Premiere Instructor in 1998. That same year, Pat offered the first colt starting clinic at his International Study Center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado which I attended and emerged as the only Senior Young Horse Trainer in North America.

Have a seat!I know the journey to becoming a ‘natural horseman’ is a lifetime commitment. Through the horses I encounter and the people I meet, it will continue to give me the opportunity to share this program, further my horsemanship, and grow as a person. Parelli Natural Horse.Man.Ship is not just about teaching people how to savvy horses, it’s a way of life.

Keeping it natural,
Larry Stewart


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