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Canvas Ball CapsLevel 2 - Harmony Program VHS

If your horsemanship goals are to go beyond the New DVD, Level 2, this will help bridge the gap to Level 3 Refinement.

Contents - Audio Tape, Two Video Tapes, Introduction & Theory Book, 10 PocketGuides + BONUS DVD with footage from 2 VHS Tapes

How do you know if you have Harmony with your horse? Your frustrations are a thing of the past; you can start having more fun with your horse and exploring how much more you can achieve. You can communicate on longer lines, at greater distance, heading toward Liberty (Liberty: the thrill of playing with horses with no strings attached). You know how to develop impulsion - you can slow down the fast horse and energize the lazy one using communication without force. You are in tune with your horse - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Regular Price $199.00 - Special Price $99.00